Here is a famous documentary recorded by CNN introducing Armenia from different corner. Watch and enjoy it.

Armenia gained independence in 1991 after the fall of USSR. After that many rivers have passed and time has changed the face of this small ans tiny country. But yet something remains the same.

There is a beautiful story about one of the most famous leaders of Armenian Church, Father of Crimea (people were calling him “Father” because of his great love towards the people, his surname is called “Crimean” as his parents were selling Armenian carpets in Crimea).

According to that story one day German a archaeologist comes to Etchmiadzin, the Holy City of Armenians) and tells the monks that he wants to see the oldest relics kept in the treasury. Monks answer that only he can give such a permission. So the Father asks him.”Do you know how old is the oldest relic in this place?”, then he starts to guess “2000”,”3000″,”4000″, but every time he is being mistaken. And in a great astonishment he asks.”Then tell me, please”. The Father answers.”Those are the people living here, who are here from the days of Noah”.

Please, don’t forget to know also local people when you visit this country. Try to speak and know them, that will help you to understand the spirit of this magical country.

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