Ararat mountain and the Great Flood

From the days of Noah, when God destroyed the world by water flood, Ararat mountain has been selected by the Heaven as a place where the humanity should have got a second chance. Using the calculation of dates from the Bible we can suppose that the Great Flood happened either in 29th or 26th century before Christ.

From that moment the history of humanity starts from a new point. Historian Father Michel Chamchyan (19th century), says that as a result of cold weather people migrated to the Middle East after some time. Although this fact after some time man called Hayk came to the area to live next to the Holy Mountain, becoming the forefather of Armenian nation.

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The Mountain of Creator

Formation and history of the world

There aren’t any sources speaking about the name of the mount before the Great Flood happened. It is supposed, that the stem of the wort is “Ar”, which means the creator ans isn’t it astonishing that the words with this stem are still spoken even today?

There are more than 70 words in Armenian with the stem “Ar”. “Ararich” means “The Creator”, “Ararel” – “To create”, “Aregak” – “sun”, “Ar” – also “man”, “Armat” – “root”.

In Latin and Assyrian sources the mount is being called “The mountain of Armenians”, In Jewish translation of the Bible – “Ararat” and in ancient Assyrian and Arabic “Kardvac”. In the same way the country in the Bible is being called as “The Kingdom of Ararat”.

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View to Mountain Ararat from Khor Virap monastery

History always goes back to the same place

As humanity got its second chance from the Armenian Highland, in the same way the Ararat field became vital in the history of Armenia, as just 8 km far from the mount is the dungeon where St. Gregory was thrown to die of starvation and bites of snakes, but the blessing of God saved the saint and just after 15 years he was taken out to enlighten Armenia with the light of Christianity.

Now in the place of his dungeon is a monastery founded in 17th century called “Khor Virap” (translated “Deep dungeon”)

The first church was built there in 642 by Catholicos Nerses the Third. The building was destroyed during the time and a new chapel was built in 1662, adding to the monastery one more church called after Holy Mary.

Ararat mountain and the Noah’s Ark

According to the Bible before the Great Flood Got told Noah about the coming disaster and ordered to build an ark to be saved. Thus, he started the construction which would last for 120 years. After the flood the Ark found its place on the top of Ararat mountain, thus sanctifying it for the future generations.

According to the history the first man to prove the existence of Noah’s Ark in reality was st. Jacob of Nisibis, who brought down the piece of original Ark in 318 A.C. The piece is now being kept in the treasury museum of Holy City Etchmiadzin in Armenia.

The sacrifice of Armenian lands to Turkey by Communists

After the fall of Russian Empire in 1917 Armenia proclaimed Independence in 1918. But the country itself was devastated by the WW1 and powerful enemies, so it survived just only two years. In 1920 Red Army of Communists entered Armenia.

In 1921 according to Moscow and Kars cities treaties they transferred Armenian lands to Turkey including Ararat mountain. Now when you drive on Artashat’s highway in Armenia you just need 15 minutes to reach the mountain, but unfortunately Armenian-Turkish border is currently closed as Turkey rejects Armenian Genocide .

So Armenians have to admire their Holy Mountain from the other side of the border hoping that one day, they will have a chance to have it as their own once more.

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