All people have their own history. This article is about the origin of the Armenian nation. From the days when people have gone on four sides of the world, Armenians live on Armenian upland. The Armenian upland is one of the origins of man areas on the globe.

Certifications of origin of Armenian nation

Though the conquerors attempted to wipe Armenians off the face of the earth, to annihilate the tracks of Armenian existence by all means, nevertheless, the upland is named after the Armenian ethnonym, and its high mountains and ravines with deep abysses bear our national seal, the life-breath of Armenia.

This is testified to by rock curved pictures and cuneiform inscriptions, trimmed smooth stones designed in Mesropian letters (Armenian alphabet), ruins of ancient buildings and many and various archaeological findings and fossils.

History of Armenian existence never interrupted on this upland that carries our name.

Many attempts have been made to draw it away from us. Though conquerors from time to time were lucky enough to seize the largest part of our territory, to oppress and to kill us, to drive out the majority of the population and scatter them all over the world, nevertheless, the handful of us remained fighting on this palm-sized stony land, called the Republic of Armenia now.

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Armenia on the world map

Map of Armenia until 389. This is a historical territory of Armenian Highland, which was also called "Ararat Kingdom" and is the origin of the Armenian nation.Nevertheless, our strength and will helped us to survive and not to disappear through murder, slaughter and diminishing.

The geographical territory was and remains one of the most active scenes of bloody conflicts and frequent wars in the world. Numerous states were formed here and collapsed, big and small Peoples and nations terminated.

Among them were the Assyrians, owing once an Almighty empire and high culture. Assyria is not marked on the world map today as it has not been for nearly two thousand years, and its descendants, as the last of the Mohicans, wander all over the world, without a homeland.

To answer some inferred questions I don’t want to characterize Armenians as unbending patriots and ascribe heroic features to us, though motherland and nation have been defended just that way.

The origin of the Armenian nation

Statue of Hayk, the first representitive of Armenian culture
Hayk – the forefather of Armenian nation

To understand the origin of the Armenian nation and existence on this land we can use the explanation of the Biblical legend of Noah’s Ark by Holy Fathers.

According to this legend, God saw the peoples’ immortality reach its peak and their hearts and heads disposed to do harm only, he regretted he created the world and decided to destroy every existing and breathing creature by the flood.

God confirmed his oath by Noah only, as he was loyal and devoted to God and faithful to the truth. God dictated to Noah to take into the ark his wife, sons and their families and all animals in pairs: male, female.

Noah’s Ark stopped on the mountain Ararat during the flood and when the deluge terminated and the surface of the world dried out, God said to  Noah: “Get out from the ark with your wife, sons and their wives. Take out also, all those who are with you and let them spread all over the world and multiply themselves…”

Hence, the world is revived again by Noah’s heirs and animals, who has survived the flood on the peak of Ararat. Origin of the Armenian nation dates back to the days of Noah when his heirs spread all over the world, but some of them didn’t leave the skirting of Ararat and together with generations of the forefather of Armenian nation Hayk formed the Armenian nation.

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 He came from Mesopotamia, formed the Armenian nation. These people are we, Armenians. Could it be by accident, that we, Armenians, remain devoted to God and always fulfil his will?

Armenian people like their forefather Hayk, neglecting the tyranny of Baal and refusing to worship him, left Mesopotamia and came to the land of Ararat.

In the same way, his generations became the defenders of Christian religion becoming the first country in the world which adopted Christianity as a national religion.

Scientific bases of the Great Flood

By the way, the wonderful Flood legend about Noah has a scientific base. In the early geological past, the whole area around Ararat was a sea and Ararat was an island.

Traces of Ararat sea coastline are well-preserved in Jrvesch region not far from Yerevan.

Besides, the water of the sea was salty and that is the reason for thick salty layers forming on its bottom after it dried up. Salt mines in Avan (a region in Yerevan) and the Ararat valley are just the salts left on the bottom from the sea.

By Noah’s legend, I would like to show that we, Armenians, are the autonomous population on Armenian plateau. Now everybody is sure about this fact.

For these days Armenia becomes more and more attractive for the people of different cultures and more and more famous historians and archaeologists become interested in the origin of the Armenian nation.

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