Since 2011 when the construction of the longest aerial tramway in the world was finished more and more people started to be more interested into exploring this site and do tour to Tatev.

Before that there was the lack of infrastructure which was the main reason that people were avoiding this place.

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Now everything is changed and now more than 200000 people visit the place every year and this number is going to be much higher every year.

There are many tips which would make your tour to Tatev monastery more attractive and fascinating.

So we are going explore and cover all the major questions and worries which our guests can have.

So one more fact before you read the tips, that is about the hospitality of the Armenian nation and telling “our guests” I meant all the people visiting Armenia.

Do I need to take the tour to Tatev monastery with night stay or no?

You shall know that distance from Yerevan to Tatev is 250 km, that is four hours of drive to and four hours back.

My personal opinion is that it is not the best idea to pass eight hours in a day on the road, instead you can choose your night stay close to the rope way as there are many nice hotels and accommodations with affordable prices.

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Two-day tour programs  for the tour to Tatev monastery

Two-day program will give you two options. The first option is making a round trip though Armenia passing also Artsakh Republic (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic).

You don’t need to worry about  the conflict as there are no gunshots and everything is safe.

You can start this trip either by having Tatev monastery in the first day and having Artsakh Republic on the second (“Karabakh” is the name given to the place by the Turks and “Artsakh is the historical name), but I would recommend to do the opposite as in this case you won’t have to drive up the mountains and will go down on the second day.

This would cover many historical places and beautiful views. The mountains of  Artsakh are wonderful, the nature is amazing and the same for Tatev monastery and all the road you will drive.

Be ready for many stops if you love taking photos as you will do it many times.

Right now the page with program is being made, so you can contact me directly and get your itinerary with your preferences by writing to what’s up or messenger or by leaving your message here.

If you need a different route you can do it with going and coming back by the same route, but it won’t be boring as there are many interesting places on the way which is even much for two days like Khor Virap and Noravank monasteries, Jermuk city, Gndevank and Khndzoresk cave village.

Pros: Excellent time, everything much more better.

Cons: No cons, everything excellent

My opinion: This is the best option which you can have.

One-day tour programs for the tour to Tatev monastery

But let’s count you don’t have time or it is Ok for you to be 8 hours on the road. In this case you can combine it some more attractions making your trip more interesting.

You can choose Karahunj, Shaki waterfall and all other places mentioned in the program of two-day tour.

Again you can contact me and get your itinerary directly discussing all the questions with me until the new page with the itineraries will be ready.

Pros: Saving time for the next day

Cons: Just a few places covered and 8-10 hours sitting in a car

My opinion: Good for those who don’t have time or prefer budget tours.


You have several ways to reach the Cable car and the monastery. We will discuss two options, which are using car rental and services that is hiring a car or using regular tours.

At first, we need to decide which option fits you the most. In the pricing regular tours will be cheaper and renting the car for the tour will be a bit cheaper than hiring a car with the driver.

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Car rental

There are many companies which can give you this option, some of them can be done directly from the Zvartnots airport (if you came from Gyumri having your car there would cost additional charge).

There are famous international companies like Hertz, Sixth and one more Armenian company called “Caravan”. If you are going to rent a car I will give advantage to Hertz, as you can get your car directly from the airport.

The prices everywhere are approximately the same. You can get cars like Renault Logan, Niva, Kia Rio for around $50, somewhere a bit less somewhere, somewhere a bit more.

Prices will be of a very small difference if you do the tour this way (around $10), but I would recommend you do this only if you are an experienced driver, as the roads are serpent and hard to drive for beginners and very tiresome.

Pros: driving your own car, small difference in price compared to hiring a car with the driver.

Cons: tiredness because of driving, not easy roads for tourists.

My opinion: Better to hire a driver. Driving will make you tired (it  is 4 hours drive in serpentine) depends on the person and you won’t enjoy as much as possible (again depends on the person,  maybe one is used to driving long distances).

Hiring a car with the driver

It is the best option you can have as this will make your tour much easier.

If it is the option you can do. You can find them in with our help with our recommendation and guarantee for the best service or find in internet with many companies and offers on your own.

We simply give you filtered information from false reviews and misinformation you can find in internet.

Regular tours

There are many regular tours moving to Tatev monastery, so you can find them almost every day. There are three big companies and many other average and small companies in Armenia which can give you this service.

  1. Hyur service – Number one tour agency in Armenia by its experience and service. Makes two-language tours in Russian and English. There is a plan for 2020 to make the tours in one-language
  2. Yerani travel – Daughter company of Hyur service gives the same options and services with minor differences.
  3. One way tour – other company calling himself “number 1 tour agency of 2019”, but gained this title by serving locals. Gives cheaper prices with lower quality and makes tours in three languages simultaneously, Armenian, Russian and English.

I will advise the first two companies, but not the third. You can find also other companies which can give you this experience. You can connect to us and get help in booking y your tour free.

Reaching the monastery

For making your tour to Tatev better you can use the Wings of Tatev, moving to the monastery by the longest reversible aerial tramway in the world.

Prices are affordable just $14 for two-side ticket. Try taking not less than 1 hour there. In other case you reach there by car using the new road.

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