In the mountains of Armenian Highlands, there is a small but yet ancient and magical country. A country that many claim as their homeland,

but only a few call home, an ancient land that has stood the test of time and still surprises with timeless treasures. It is truly called “A museum under the open air”.

Watching on the world map it is hard to find this country, as it covers just 29.700 square kilometers but has a big number of ancient monuments, fabulous landmarks, ancient history, and hospitable people.

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You can find much useful information in this advanced travel guide to Armenia for tourists

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Is it worth visiting Armenia?

Yes, my answer is definitely yes. During many years of my experience in different countries, I loved this country more and more than the mix of beautiful attractions and history is charming here.

Armenia is a paradise for tourism as you can find food and wine-making culture, many attractions and things to do in one place.

If you like classic tours with a mix of history, culture and beautiful landscapes you can choose many touristic and non-touristic directions.

All the roads are full of beautiful views and scenes of mountains and many of them open a beautiful view to Mount Ararat, the Holy mountain of Armenians.

You can choose a tour to Khor Virap, where you will be just 8 km away from the giant mountain. The other destination is a tour to Mount Arargats with a fortress of the 7th century.

You can take the world’s longest reversible aerial tramway Wings of Tatev for your ride to the Tatev monastery.

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Advanced travel guide to Armenia for tourists - Khor Virap monastery and Ararat mountain
Advanced travel guide to Armenia for tourists – Khor Virap monastery and Ararat mountain


We have two international airports in Armenia (Zvartnots and Shirak international airports). Zvartnots is located just 20 kilometers from Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia.

It is in the middle of Yerevan and Etchmiadzin, the holy city of Armenians.

Shirak airport is located in Gyumri, the second city of Armenia. Both airports have excellent locations and you can find many interesting places close to both cities.

Advanced travel guide to Armenia for tourists - Zvartnots airport
Advanced travel guide to Armenia for tourists – Zvartnots airport

When to visit Armenia?

This country is full of beautiful nature and landscapes, testy organic food and kind people. You can find beauty in all the seasons. This is the country of contrasts and serenity.

You can experience mountains and hills covered in snow in the winter, most of the monasteries and churches are free from a big amount of people and you can feel special harmony and spirituality of places. This is the land of faith and love.

Famous ski resorts in Tsakhkadzor and Ashotsk regions will make your time more interesting. Spring makes all the mountains green with a small amount of snow on their tops. It is a fantastic nature!

Summer and Autumn are also excellent times for a visit, especially I love September when we have all the organic fruits grown up. They are really tasty!


Citizens of many countries don’t need visa. You can find the full list of countries here. Citizens of these countries can get visa upon arrival.

Citizens of these countries (mostly African and third-world countries) need an invitation letter to visit Armenia.

Those who need visa won’t get too many questions, it is easy to get an Armenian visa. But you can apply for your visa also online and do everything easier by using this link.

Currency in Armenia and exchange

Armenian currency is drams (AMD). On average 1 USA dollar is equal to 485 drams, 1 euro to 530 drams, 1 GBP to 570 drams and 1 ruble to 7 drams.

There are coins of 10, 100, 200, 500 drams and paper money of 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000 and 100000 drams.

You can exchange money at the airport or in different money exchange points in the city (like in supermarkets).

Usually, it will around the same price, so I recommend exchanging right to the airport to make your day easier, otherwise you will have to search for banks or exchange points in the city.

Precaution: Newly published paper money (2019) sometimes are very similar. It is easy to mix 2000 with 20000 and 1000 with 10000.

Many tourists lose money because of this problem, there is also old paper money in use, but they are going to be out in two years (2020-21). Check the picture of drams below.

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