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There are many monasteries in Armenia, but Tatev monastery has its high appreciation from anyone who visits this place, in this article you will understand why.

The mystery of Tatev monastery

The genius and miracle of Armenian church architecture is Tatev monastery. It’s a heaven on the earth by its beauty and power. What is the reason for its charm? The reasons are spirituality and the spirit of martyrs still living there.

Sacrifice: an inseparable part of Armenian history.” I long for the day when I kiss the Armenian land, which has been warmed by the blood of so many victims” –  told Pope John Paul II. This word is for this Syunik region where Tatev is situated. Vorotan canyon makes it more beautiful and fascinating. 

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This place was a place of pilgrimage starting the 1st century. One of the followers of Christ, st. Eustatius was preaching here. He met his martyrdom in the place of the chapel which is only a 100 metres away from the monastery. The chapel was built from the 5th to 6th centuries.

The first church of Tatev monastery was built in 893. The second and the biggest church is called after  st. Peter and Paul and was built in 904. The relics of both apostles are under the main columns of the church.

Through the centuries the monastery became the diocese of the Syunik region of the Armenian church. Later on, the church of Holy Mother of God and other supporting buildings have been added.

The monastery has seen many invaders, but all the time after hard days the monks were coming back and starting again. The spirituality and energy in the area are great! Even today you can still feel the prayers and devotion of all the prayers done here.

Cable car to the Tatev monastery

Your ride will be much more attractive when you have a flight on the longest cable car in the world, where the highest point from the ground is 326 metres! This cable car is  5 kilometres long.

The view of the Vorotan canyon makes a heart-warming view. The maximal speed of cable car is 37 km/h. During all the flight you will be accompanied by ancient villages and hermitage, Halidzor watchtower.

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Syunik region – the home of ancient culture

Karahunj – the oldest observatory in the world.

But what is the reason, that Armenia has so many ancient places? At first, you need to know that Armenia is the first country in the world, which adopted Christianity as the state religion.

During all our history Armenia was surrounded by powerful empires and people were making their cultural and spiritual centres in the most impregnable places. The biggest part of Armenian culture is saved in mountainous areas.

Monasteries were also serving as castles during all the enemy attacks, that is why the mountainous region of Syunik has a big amount of pre and after Christian monuments.

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The university of Tatev monastery

After the closing of Gladzor University, Tatev monastery took the responsibility of the education of new priest and scientists. Starting from the 10th century a school was functioning, which gave birth to one of the most progressed educational centres of the area.

The golden age of the university is the years between 1390 and 1435. In 1435 all the monastery with his supporting buildings were burnt out by the army of Timur Lank. 

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